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  • Accuracy
  • Speed
  • beauty
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Aleksandr Palash
I develops, designs and delivers websites, 3d renderings that drive results, build awareness and win awards.

My work never brags, but it sure loves to speak for itself.

My Work


My job is to create unique things that no one else undertakes. My job is to solve any problems that arise in front of me, even if it seems impossible.

My strength is in intelligence, constant learning and gaining new knowledge. Self-solving problems and finding new ways, as well as my strength in my wife, she is my muse. Thanks to her, you see what you see here.

My Team


My team is more than you might think. I don’t have a bunch of programmers, managers and other people I don’t need. I have what makes me go forward, move and create masterpieces for you.

  • My wife is my muse
    My inspiration
  • its Me just Alex
    Web Developer/ 3D expert

My Clients


Among my many wonderful clients, there are quite a few world-famous brands that I am proud to work with and would like to share this with you.

Digital Interfaces

I create websites, whether your business sells directly to consumers or other businesses, for any smart device type or screen size. Any level of difficulty.

Full Support

You can always count on the full support of your projects and on my help in case of expansion or any questions. I am available to my clients 24/7

Make products attractive and connect them to their audiences.

Embodiment of ideas

You can count on help in developing your thoughts, ideas and bringing them to full functioning. Our combined experience will create a masterpiece for you.

3D Rendering

Creation of photorealistic 3D renderings with absolutely accurate physical properties and unsurpassed visual appearance.